The Opened Eyed Missionary

Reading the Open Eyed Missionary

The Open Eyed Missionary shares Farrukh Khan’s story of sacrifice, faith and miraculous guidance. Learn how he found the support he needed through divine intervention. Following overwhelming hardship, Farrukh’s journey brought him to America to work as a missionary. All along the way, he experiences the grace of God and shares its impact with readers.

Farrukh’s Painful Past and Bright Future

Farrukh Khan was brought up in a wealthy family in Pakistan. A military revolt and religious extremists fleeing the Russian invasion in Afghanistan made sharing Christianity dangerous. Farrukh found work in Saudi Arabia. The Christians in Saudi Arabia worshipped secretly in small, private groups.

As his faith developed, Farrukh was compelled by the Holy Spirit to attend seminary and become a missionary to Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. His story encourages you to understand that all our experiences are divinely ordered. Hoping to help you find mission opportunities in everyday life, Mission Nation Publishing shares the biographies and stories of missionaries to America.

Mission Nation Books

Many missionaries follow God’s calling to discipleship in America. They come from around the world, as refugees and immigrants, with the love of Jesus in their hearts. In the United States, they’ve found opportunities to share the Bible with others of common backgrounds.

Perfect for teens and adults, these real-life accounts of struggle and redemption expand your world view and understanding of life. A portion of the proceeds from each book sale goes directly to support missionaries in America.  The voices of missionaries to the United States reflect Christianity’s global reach and local impact.

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