Making Missionaries To Milwaukee

Missionary to America: Reverend Peter Kelm

Making Missionaries to Milwaukee

Dr. Robert Scudieri, President
Mission Nation Publishing

For some time now, I have been “giving a voice to the Missionaries to America”. This platform recently opened another door with a special invitation from Rev. Peter Kelm. As the mission executive for the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Rev. Kelm shared passionately. In an email, he told me about six Missionaries to America in Milwaukee.

Called to ministries from many parts of the world, they brought the good news of God’s love in Jesus to the people of Milwaukee. I went to Milwaukee and met with President John Wille and Rev. Kelm. While I was there, the six aforementioned missionaries blessed me with their stories. In the weeks to come, I’ll share each missionary’s story in “Bob’s Blog”. 

Recruiting New Leaders

In America, many have not been exposed to the work of missionaries. This was, after all, founded as a Christian country. But Christianity has been declining in the U.S. and in countries to which American missionaries had traditionally gone. Out of disasters and out of love, many of these countries have, more recently, been sending missionaries to America.

Frankly, some of the new missionaries understand effective missionary strategies and others do not. In some fields, the white English speaking people were the missionaries and the local people, while they may have been taught to be good pastors, only sometimes were formed as missionaries. 

Mission Field Differences

If you’re wondering what scripture says about the difference between missionaries and pastors, teachers or deacons, tune in to the conversation between Rev. Kelm and me linked below.  I would also be interested in your thoughts on how missionaries are different from pastors, and teachers and deacons. Share your understanding by submitting a video for discussion on the Mission Nation Publishing website. This is a conversation the church in America needs to have; the sooner the better.

Video interview with Rev. Kelm


Peter Kelm – Diffrences On A Mission Field – Forming missionaries.

Differences on a Mission Field: A Conversation on Recruiting New Leaders