The Light That Converted Gagan Garung

The Light that Converted Gagan Garung

Gagan Garung, Evangelist from Nepal
 Evangelist Gagan Garung

Gagan Garung had decided to never become a Christian.

Because he was a child from a Nepalese family growing up in Bhutan, he was on the receiving end of discrimination known by many Nepalese who lived in Bhutan. He did not want to give his Bhutanese Buddhist neighbors another reason to make his life difficult. When his brother, sister in law and their children were baptized, he refused to be included. In fact, he ran from the river where the baptism was supposed to take place, and found refuge in a Hindu temple high in the mountains. A loving Christian pastor refused to give up.

In time, Gagan’s family fled Bhutan to return to Nepal. They left on a bus in the deepest darkness of night, and arrived in a refugee camp in Nepal. They spent the next twenty years in that refugee camp. In one way at least this was a blessing; Gagan could not escape the love and concern of a pastor who kept in close touch.

At one point the pastor suggested Gagan should attend a Bible College just across the border in India. Some of you  know the rest of the story: When he arrived at the Bible College, even though he could understand the language of the Indian teachers, the words in the Bible just did not make sense. Other young men from Nepal had the same experience; many left the school. Gagan thought of quitting. Then, the miracle.

The school headmaster called for a twenty four hour prayer vigil. Gagan was assigned the midnight to  1 am time to pray. Arriving at the prayer room, he folded his hands, bowed his head, closed his eyes – and was shaken to the core of his soul. A brilliant white light blanketed the skeptical, fearful, young man. This light brought understanding. He found that now when he opened his Bible, it all made sense. It was the light that converted Gagan Garung, the light of God’s Holy Spirit.

After many years in the refugee camp, Gagan came to America. He is now an evangelist in St. Louis, Missouri. But that is not the only thing that is important about Gagan’s experience “in the light.” Maybe God brought Gagan here to share with Western rationalists an ancient insight.

We in the western world rely on the cognitive process of logical reasoning. What I mean is, to be “real” for the western mind has to be able to be verified, and has to be able to be repeated. In other words, we work from a scientific, mechanistic, viewpoint. We like to think of ourselves as rational. But everything does not obey human reason. In fact, the primal sin, the sin of Adam and Eve, is thinking we know more than God. We think we can know everything. Certainly by now we should know better.

What I mean is, at one time we were certain that leaches could cure disease, that heavy objects fell faster than light objects and that the universe had been and would continue to be infinite. All of these accepted truths later were shown to be wrong. My point: we do not know everything that is or is not possible.

Gagan Garung became a Christian after a bright light blanketed him, and (as he believes) made it possible for him to understand and accept the message of the Bible. My rational mind does not accept this. The light of the Holy Spirit tells me it is true. Perhaps our culture will someday learn truths not understandable to the human mind. Perhaps we need more accounts of miracles,  like the one from Evangelist Garung.

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