When looking for ways to reach ethnic groups different than your own, establishing connections takes effort. The resources below are compiled to cultivate authentic action for outreach. Learn from the work and perspective of missionaries to America.

Growing your congregation among diverse ethnic groups makes a special kind of spiritual experience. According to research by Religious News, multiracial churches have higher levels of spirituality and grow larger than homogenous churches. At the 2019 LCMS convention a resolution was passed to prioritize reaching new immigrants with the gospel.  Read and download Committee 1, resolution A, “To Strengthen Multi-Ethnic Outreach” here.

Currently, the growth of Christian congregations is driven mostly by nonwhites, whether Catholic or Protestant, evangelical or mainline. Over the past half-century, 71 percent of growth in Catholicism, for instance, has come from its Hispanic community. In the Assemblies of God, one of the few U.S. denominations to show overall growth, white membership slightly declined while nonwhite membership increased by 43 percent over 10 years.

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Guidelines for cross cultural outreach

Missionary James spent many years overseas as a missionary. Here he shares insights on best practices for reaching a new ethnic group.

How to Help A Congregation Reach An Ethnic Group Different From Its Own

President Dan Gilbert Interviews Rev. Terry Chan on his doctoral project:

God’s desire that all ethnic groups be saved

Sermons in Spanish with Professor Ben Haupt, associate provost and assistant professor of Practical Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, translated into Spanish by Dr. Hector Hoppe, senior editor of Multilingual Resources at Concordia Publishing House.

The Wave That’s Still Building

David Frum’s Article in the April Atlantic Monthly Magazine reports that by 2027 the foreign born population of the US is projected to equal its previous peak from 1890, 14.8% of the population – and then keep rising.

Where is there growth in American Christian denominations?

Religious News Service

A Lutheran Framework for Addressing Immigration Issues

A report of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations. November 30, 2018.

U.S. has highest share of foreign-born since 1910, with more coming from Asia.

New York Times

Church membership plummets in US over past 20 years

Associated Press

Free Wheelchair Mission

Free wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

Understanding the great commission

Barna Research breaks down differences in understanding of the verse among denominations and other demographics.

Why the United States needs more immigrants

The New Yorker

Fewer births than deaths among whites in majority of U.S. states

New York Times

Christians outnumber Muslim refugees to U.S. in last 15 years

Religion News Services

The most and least racially diverse U.S. religious groups
Pew Research Center


Additional Resources

Bernice Bunkowske has written a book of memories called, “Send Me.” Its intended to open eyes and hearts to God’s mission call – and tells the story of how God called her as a young girl, after she had read the biography of Mary Slessor. To find out more and order the book click here.

For help with outreach to Spanish speakers in the US, contact Adolfo Borges at 407-437-8057 or Rev. Lincon Guerra,

To learn more about outreach to Muslims, go to Voice of Faith or reach out to POBLO–People of the Book Lutheran Outreach

For outreach to Asian populations, Rev. Terry Chan is available to help you find direction. You can contact Terry Chan at Also review resources by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation or contact Rev. Ted Nathalang at

Refugee resource blogs
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

Immigration and the Church: A Christian response to the border crisis

The Imaginative Conservative

Race, class and culture survey 

Association of Religion Data Archives

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965: A Game Changer
Ken Walsh

Why are missionaries in America?
Rebecca Y Kim

Every Migrant a Missionary

Janel Kragt Bakker

The Lutheran Society for Missiology Resources

Lutheran Mission Matters

Hispanic Lutheran Forum

Why America Needs Immigrants Now More Than Ever

Mission Nation Facebook Page

Fewer Births Among Whites Than Deaths

“Antioch Redux” – Paper given at international presidents of Lutheran churches meeting suggesting a more biblical approach to church planting. Robert Scudieri, 2004. Click here to read.

Mission Bible Commentary Series:

Mission Bible Commentary: Volume 1 – The Acts of the Apostles and The Letter to the Romans.
Paul Bruns, Mission Nation Publishing

Mission Bible Commentary: Volume 2 — Hebrews to James
Paul Bruns, Mission Nation Publishing

Mission Bible Commentary: Volume 3 – Paul’s letter to the Roman
Paul Bruns, Mission Nation Publishing.