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Download Power Point: RISK TAKERS IN RE-FORMATION, part 1
Download Power Point: RISK TAKERS IN RE-FORMATION, part 2
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services Help With New Immigrants. Click Here.
Religious News Service Bulletin: Christian  Outnumber Muslim Refugees to US in Last 15 Years. (But non-Christians outnumber Christian refugees).  Over the last 15 years non-Christian refugees outnumber Christian refugees 497K to 302K.  Caveat: the statistics refer to refugees, not to all immigrants. This is one more piece of evidence that the mission  field comes to the  U.S. – and that God is sending missionaries to them and through them at a time when Christianity has been in decline in the US. Click here to read the article.
Paul Bruns’  “Mission Bible Commentary: Volume 2 – The Letter to the Hebrews and the Letter of James.” The only mission commentary on the Bible, written for mission leaders who speak English as a second language. Hebrews-James ESV Revised Sept 25 2017 Marked as Final
Mohammed Faridi is the director of Destination Ministries.  They reach out to Muslims to share the love of Jesus. You can reach them on their website,  Mohammed  tells of his conversion in Iran in his book, Forsaking My Father’s Religion. Download and read the book for free in PDF form by clicking this link:  Mohamad Amin Faridi


A Christian Response to the Border Crisis (From “The Imaginative Conservative”). 


Migration and Ministry CaringConnections-2017-2

Association of Religion Study 2012: Race, Class and Culture in the United States

Sudanese Lutheran Mission Society Newsletter-updated

Bruns Mission Commentary on the Bible Luke

Bruns Mission Commentary on the Bible Acts 

African Immigrant History in US Loum

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965: A Game Changer

ELCA Sets Out to Fill Pews with Non-Whites, Youth

Research: Outreach to First-Generation Immigrants Succeeding, Needs Improvement

Why are missionaries in America?

Every Migrant a Missionary

Immigrant Population to Hit Highest Percentage Ever in 8 Years

Immigration 2015

Migration, Diaspora Communities, and the New Missionary Encounter with Western Society

LHM Cross Cultural Ministry Resources

Evangelistic Bible Studies

 The Lutheran Society for Missiology Resources

Hispanic Lutheran Forum

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