Who are they, these Christians coming to us from all over the world? They start churches in homes, in strip malls and converted warehouses. What do they want? Why are they here?

If they could tell their stories they would say God called them here as missionaries.

Some came at first as refugees from countries that crucify Christians, take their homes and businesses and destroy their families. Many are students or tourists who come to America expecting to find an alive and vibrant church, as they experienced in their homeland; then they found a country that has lost its soul, and a church that is in decline. this tugs at their hearts and convinces some that their ministry really is in America.

There are others who came to America without faith, and because the gospel has free course here they met Jesus and became disciples.

These Christians feel compelled to stay and share the good news with the people  in America who have been ravaged by spiritual deadness, doubt and depression. They find a culture that no longer glorifies God but instead runs after the things God created. We used to call those things idols, today we call those other things we worship necessities. The sad thing is for the most part these new missionaries urgent to share the love of Jesus with us and others in America are looked down upon and marginalized.

They experience all these things, these Christians from other lands, and it is painful. If they had the opportunity to speak to us, what would they say? What could we learn from them? How can we help them? That is the mission of Mission Nation Publishing Co. – to give a voice to these “Missionaries to America.” We will tell their stories; we will record interviews with them and make those interviews available on our Facebook page, Mission Nation Publishing. We will honor them, and pray for them. We invite you to join us.