Recommended Reading for Teens

More and more families are educating their children through homeschool. Mission Nation Publishing supports this effort with stories of God’s love and faith in the face of setbacks. Read about the determination and perseverance missionaries cultivate to overcome their circumstances and build lives of service and sacrifice in the U.S.

Mission Nation Publishing recommends The Bulletproof Missionary and The Despicable Missionary for teenagers. Connect Bible-based homeschool studies with these real-life stories of missionaries to America. Bond with your homeschool students over book discussions that bring God’s love to life. Use study guides to prompt important conversations about obedience to God that gives meaning to our lives.

Books and Study Guides

The Bulletproof Missionary:

A bright and intelligent boy from a well-to-do middle class family, Shang Ik, unexpectedly becomes an orphan, survives the hell of living in a war zone, crosses borders through a frozen river and is miraculously safeguarded from the bombshells raining over him. Why would God allow this and what good could ever come from it?

Download the study guide:
Bulletproof Missionary


The Despicable Missionary:

This is a book that shows how God can change the heart of a future missionary. Victoria grew up in Pakistan as a Christian. As a minority in a Muslim country, she was called despicable by other children. Twice she almost died for her faith. But this is a story not of anger and hate, but of love and forgiveness. How could a person who experienced persecution come to forgive and love her persecutors? God is able to use the most unpretentious, unassuming human being to make His love known. Victoria is proof of that.

Download the study guide:
Despicable Missionary


Mission Nation Publishing books provide families an opportunity to discuss life’s biggest questions.  Recommended for junior high and high school students, both The Bulletproof Missionary and the Despicable Missionary include accompanying study guides.

Nurture your student’s understanding of God’s word with relatable adventures about people living in obedience. Encourage your student to hear and follow God’s will for their life by sharing stories of missionaries. Put present-day turmoil into perspective by expanding your student’s understanding of cultures and countries far from home.