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"Publishing With a Purpose"

     Welcome to our website! Mission Nation Publishing exists to give a voice to the 'Missionaries to America'. These are men and women who have taken the missionary nature of the church seriously, and have risked everything for the sake of the gospel. 

     The world wide church can gain from hearing their stories. It is our prayer that the Spirit they demonstrate will influence all who hear their stories. To accomplish this our website intends to provide access to biographies being written about the missionaries, as well as other material that will encourage churches to share the love of God shown chiefly in His Son, Jesus. 

     You will find summaries of interviews of missionaries, videos of those interviews, links to books about the missionaries as well as a blog about mission work and mission Bible studies. You may want to visit the Mission Nation Publishing Facebook page to follow the most current activities. 

     We encourage you to register on the site as a member (go to the "Members" button above).  When you do become a member you will be able to access the full length videos and download the news stories and Bible studies. Registering will allow us to send you announcements when new books are published. 

    We are glad you are here! May the Lord bless you with a new energy and new resources to make the love of Christ real in this world."

Our Mission:

To give a voice to the “Missionaries to America.”


Our Vision:  

The church worldwide gains a more missionary understanding of what it means to be “apostolic” through robust discussion and reflection.


Our Strategy:

Writing biographies of Christians who have taken the missionary nature of the church seriously enough to risk everything and suffer for the sake of the gospel (as did Jesus, God's apostle and His Twelve)