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Dr. Tesema had left God behind to follow the easy ways of this world. Until he had to flee Ethiopia. Stranded in the Danakil Desert, abandoned by their guide, Tesfai and his two companions found grace from a tribe of Muslim nomads, bringing them to Djibouti. A relative helped the refugee find work in Saudi Arabia, where Chinese evangelists shared Christ with him. The story of his eviction from Saudi Arabia, starting churches in the Sudan, and then coming to the US to bless other refugees and immigrants is an account you will not want to miss.

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THE MISSION BIBLE COMMENTARY: The Letter to the Hebrews and the Letter of James

Dr. Paul Bruns has written the first mission commentary of the Bible. Volume One looked at Luke and Acts from a mission perspective. Volume Two does the same for The Letter to the Hebrews and the Letter of James. This mission scholar has spent more than thirty years in Bible translation and missionary work in Africa. This is a much needed tool, particularly for new leaders in a mission field who speak English as a second language.

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The Mission Bible Commentary: Luke-Acts


“God’s mission-heart has always been busy carrying out his gracious mission-plan to lost mankind. I have, therefore, attempted to describe in my Commentaries some aspect of God’s mission-plan in every verse of the New Testament, beginning with the Gospel of Luke.”

The first two books in the series, The Gospel According to Luke and The Acts of the Apostles, give an overall picture of the beginning and initial expansion of the early Christian church. Written for laity and serious mission and Bible students. These two books give a dramatic account of the early spread of the gospel. Rightly taken together, Luke and Acts demonstrate how the Holy Spirit led the first Christians to carry the gospel about Jesus Christ across progressively more difficult cultural boundaries. These are lessons in mission we and our churches need to learn again and again.

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Who were the New Testament apostles? There are clearly more than the Twelve. Where did Jesus get the idea for having “apostles,” and what change did He make in their role?

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Rev. Joel Hempel

I recommend Who Are The Apostles for three different reasons. Generally, I read a book to learn, to be inspired, or to be challenged. Who Are the Apostles offers all three! Reading Scudieri’s Apostles I learned who they are; I was inspired by their lives; and I was challenged in ways I was not expecting – challenges from God with which I must now wrestle.

Professor Andrew Bartelt: Following the trail put forward in his first book on the missionary focus of the early church (Apostolic Church: One, Holy, Catholic and Missionary), Dr. Scudieri strengthens his argument that “apostolic” had as much to do with the outreach of those who were sent as to the articulation and preservation of the faith for which the early church is often better known. These apostles, including the Twelve themselves, went forth as shelichim of the Jewish tradition, carrying the authority of our Lord as their sender. But unlike the Jewish tradition, these “sent ones” were sent outside the community to represent the Lord of salvation to the ends of the earth, not just to Jews but also to Gentiles, to be witnesses and to make disciples of all nations. The church today, including Dr. Scudieri’s own Lutheran tradition, would do well to recapture this urgent and sacrificial missionary spirit of the 1st century now in the global context of the 21st century, with the vision of the apostle John in Rev 7:9, including and encompassing those of every nation and tribe, people and tongue! An important read for today’s mission conversation.

Dr. Rich Bimler:     Author and friend Bob Scudieri has redefined and broadened the base of the concept of what an Apostle was, is, and will be! In a clear and yet complex way, he has brought new meaning and life to this word which usually has been associated with the past and archaic days of yore!

His style is to ask many significant questions about the term, “Apostle” and then patiently go about answering his own questions through the Scriptures, history, and anecdotes in clear and convincing ways.

The key factor in this helpful resource is to describe the term “Apostle”, not only as a word from the past, but, more strategically, to see it as a term and lifestyle for today’s people of God!  It is not a past-tense word but rather a ministry concept that needs to be re-born and lived out right now today!

These pages are a wake-up call to church leaders who want to be faithful in sharing the Good News of Jesus with all people. Just as the first apostles were missionaries – sent ones – so also are we today are also, sent by the Lord, with His authority, to do what Christ came into the world to accomplish. The Church must move outside of itself to see Christ at work where ever people are. We Christians today must also “get it” that the Lord is sending new missionaries from other countries to the U.S. in order to enable us to be vibrant missionaries with them to people of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles.

Thanks, Bob, for a thoughtful, engaging, study of the term “Apostles”, not so that we can add more knowledge in our heads but in order that we can empower each other through the Spirit  to be “the sent” ones for the Lord, wherever He leads us. After all, as the final sentence reminds us, “The apostolic church is not the church of the apostles, it is the church of Jesus !” . Hooray and Amen to that!

Dr. Rich Bimler, Dr. Rich Bimler, Bloomingdale, Illinois, has served the Church in various positions throughout his 49-year ministry career. He repositioned in 2006 after serving for 15 years as President/CEO of Wheat Ridge Ministries. He currently serves as the Ambassador of Health, Hope, and Aging! (AH-HA!) for Lutheran Life Communities, Arlington Heights, Illinois.  He also continues to write, speak, and consult with other agencies and organizations throughout the world.

Mr. Jim Schlie, Colonel, US Amry, retired, MSW. Consultant for Strategic Planning:

“Dr. Robert Scudieri’s monograph, Who are the Apostles, is an excellent portrayal of the lives of the early Apostles and provides many insights into the early church’s world, context, culture and climate.  It is engaging and encourages non-stop reading.  It is also short and to the point, so it can easily be read in one sitting.    His writing style and communication skills make this an understandable and desirable resource for lay Christians as well as Theologians and Pastors.  Finally for those interested in the mission and outreach of today’s church, Who are the Apostles, is full of thoughts and ideas with references for discussion and future reading.”

Professor John Loum, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

What exactly does Apostleship entail in the modern day Christian church, and how is it connected to missions? Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri undertakes the endeavor of bringing these answers and more to light in his latest book titled ‘Who Are the Apostles’. Scudieri uses sound theological, and scriptural evidence to support his claims, delivering an invaluable book filled with inspirational insights.

‘Who Are the Apostles’ is a book with missions at its heart, basically equating today’s missionaries to the apostles of the past. This book is written like a study guide with bite size chapters; every chapter starts with a brief description of the topics discussed in them or a key Bible verse, and ends with a section of references for further reading.

Scudieri’s work in this book is filled with insights that point to the weight of the research he carried out. The church as we know it today, was built by the ministry of Jesus’ Apostles. Scudieri proposes that Jesus did not invent the word apostle or the idea of being one. It was already embodied in the Jewish Shelichim, Jesus just transformed the term to include the role of missionaries, unlike the Jewish one.

The twelve disciples/apostles were the force behind Christianity’s growth after Jesus ascended, they understood their roles as representatives of Jesus, establishing his legacy throughout the world. In a short space of time the Apostles reached out to gentiles and proved that ethnicity was irrelevant in regards to the gospel.

Of the many inspirational anecdotes Scudieri includes in this book, the one in which the Pastor of the Lutheran church in New York City was willing to worship with the African group (like Peter was with Cornelius), although eventually their differences made it difficult, proves how hard it is to cross cultural and linguistic boundaries in missions, despite the desire to do God’s will. Paul’s conversion shows that God is sovereign in His actions,

Scudieri brings to a light the recent change in the direction of world missions whereby “God sends the unchurched to a Christian country so they can hear the gospel more clearly” as opposed to missionaries from a Christian country going to live in the societies of the unchurched.

It is important that every Christian read Who Are the Apostles because missions is at the heart of the Christian faith and understanding the role of the Apostle’s helps sharpen the lens through which we view missions as a church. It will transform the meaning of being a missionary, and will nurture a desire for the outreach Jesus tasks us with as his followers, in all that read it.

Professor John Loum, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

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The Despicable Missionary: How a young Christian Girl in Pakistan Learned to Defend her Faith and Love Muslims.

This is the second biography in the Mission Nation Publishing series of biographies. “Victoria” grew up during a time when after the Partition of India and Pakistan. Those were turbulent times. Her grandfather had become a Christian while working with the British in WW II. Her family would eventually produce more ;than sixteen church workers. Victoria was shamed as a child by non-Christians, saw the take over of the Christian schools and hospitals. This is a story of the triumph of love overcoming prejudice and hate. It is a lesson every human being can celebrate.

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The first in the Missionaries to America series is now available on Amazon. The Resilient Missionary is the life story of Rev. Dr. Yohannes Mengsteab – raised in the African country of Eritrea, a soldier in a communist insurgency, evangelized by Swedish missionaries in the Sudan, Yohannes was sent to the United States to plant Christian churches and help with the revitalization of the church in the United States. Author Christine Schulden tells the story with compassion, a story of sacrifice, love and courage. Proceeds from the sale of The Resilient Missionary will go towards publishing the next biography of a Missionary to America.

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What Are People Saying about The Resilient Missionary?

Dr. Ken Behnken, Retired Director for Ethnic Ministry, Pacific Southwest District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod: “The Resilient Missionary is a moving and compelling story revealing how God reaches out to select people for His mission in ways that we would never expect.  This is a story that will touch your heart and move you to thank the Lord for the miracles He works in people’s lives so that the Good News of Jesus Christ can be spread to people of all nations.”

Virginia Von Segren, former President, Lutheran Women’s Missionary League: “I’ve known Rev. Yohannes Mengsteab for many years but yet didn’t know his personal story, He tells it in an easy to read book, and one I’d recommend to anyone. Congratulations Yohannes, in joys your life story!”

Missionary Yared Halche: “Yohannes’ story is part of God’s grand story of meeting and saving His people at life’s odd and opposite junctures. This book beautifully depicts how God still crosses cultural boundaries to save His people and make them part of His new missionary family and vision in the 21st century. The chief end of God’s mission is the glory of God as it is proclaimed to and by all people. I strongly recommend this book for everyone!”


This is the second edition of The Apostolic Church, used by seminaries, colleges and churches to better understand the mission meaning of the word “apostolic.” The Greeks and the Jews of Jesus’ time had “apostles;” Jesus did not invent the office of “apostle.” However, he changed the office to be something new. Over the years, with the development of the term “apostolic church,” the way Jesus understood his apostles changed. This is the story of that change, and what it means for the church today.

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Apostolic Church: One, Holy, Catholic and Missionary

Published in 1994, Apostolic Church has been used at seminaries and by lay people to understand the missional meaning of the term “apostolic church.”

Attorney Butch Almstedt wrote, “I could not put the book down once I started reading it. What was not only interesting but also beneficial for me was the points of emhasis around the meaning of being an “Apostolic” church in the context of how that concept was understood at the time of the early church…”

Darrell Likens Guder is a theologian and missiologist who is Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology Emeritus at Princeton Theological Seminary where he served as Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology from 2002-2015 and as Dean of Academic Affairs from 2005-2010. Guder.  Reviewing the book for the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, Guder wrote: “The author devoted much of 1990-91 to research his theme at the Overseas Ministries Study Center and Yale Divinity School. He set himself three goals: “1. To search for the origin of the term apostolic church; 2. To examine the missionary emphasis inherent in that term; To give the church a new vantage point from which to see the significance of these important words. Working with classic resources (von Harnack, Latourette, Hinson, Grant, as well as the Apostolic Fathers), he surveys early mission history and interperets trhe early church’s sense of its missionary vocation ably and understandably.”


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