No Accidental Missionary

Biography of Dr. Tesfai Tesema


This is the story of the making of a missionary to America. Read how Dr. Tesfai Tesema, born in Ethiopia, grew up as an agnostic, became a Christian in Saudi Arabia, started a church planting movement in Sudan and became a missionary in San Jose, California. The hand of God is seen clearly throughout this man’s life, as God worked in and through him to affect and impact the lives of untold numbers of people in different countries.

No Accidental Missionary is foremost about the hand of God’s Spirit through the Word changing the life of a man, his relatives, friends and the lives of countless others.  It is readable and relatable in a personal way.  This book inspires those in Christian faith and those wishing to know how the Christian God works in His people.  It combines adventure, danger and intrigue with personal expression, drama and, above all, faith.  The book is also available in audio format.