Book – The Bulletproof Missionary

The making of a missionary to America from North Korea. Prof. Moon was a child in North Korea during WW II. After the war he made a dangerous trek across the border to South Korea, to safety, until the Korean War began. He lost his whole family, or so he thought. Reduced to eating garbage off a military army garbage dump, he was hired by an Air Force chaplain who shared with him a dream of Moon coming to America to study to become a missionary. This is the story of the miracle that fulfilled that dream. 

The Bulletproof Missionary

The biography of Prof. Shang Ik Moon, who was in North Korea as a child during WW II. He went through a harrowing escape from that police state when he was 12 years old, joining his family in Seoul, South Korea. A few years later the Korean War began. He lost his family, and as a fifteen year old, was reduced to finding food on garbage dumps – until he was hired by a US Army Air Force chaplain.

Reviewed by Rev. Bill Meyer, Chairman of the Missions Board, The New England District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:  "Having grown up in a Christian household, I have often wondered what kind of journey would be required for a non-Christian to enter the community of faith. “The Bulletproof Missionary” tells the amazing story of how God called a Korean peasant boy to Christ, and then to become a distinguished professor at Concordia University, Irvine, CA. It’s a thrilling tale and a compelling witness!"

Click here to hear and see Prof. Moon very briefly share a part of his story.

The author of The Bulletproof Missionary, Keriz Rosado, introduces the book: click here to see the short video.