Book – The Apostolic Church

do Christians mean when they confess their faith in "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church"?  "Apostolic Church" does not appear in the Bible. The Latin word for "sent" is "mittere" from which we get the English word "missionary." In Greek, the word for sent is "apostello." The apostles were missionaries. How was it that the word came to signify only correct teaching? And how can we retrieve its "missionary" meaning? Dr. Scudieri wrote this book when he was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School. It has been used at various seminaries as a missions text, but was written in terms any layperson can understand. 

The Apostolic Church

One, holy, catholic and missionary.  Second Edition. A history of the term “apostolic church” in the Nicene Creed, it is a book loved by laity and clergy. It has been used as a mission text at several seminaries. After it was translated into Russian, Georgian Orthodox Metropolitan Nicholas invited the author to present the book at an ecumenical conference in Tbilisi.