Book Display


MISSION NATION is committed to increasing a sense of mission in Christian churches. Towards that end we have begun a ministry called The Making of A Missionary Book Display.

Three mission benefits to churches using the display:

  1. The mission heart of the congregation will grow as members read true stories of real people and the divine intervention that brought them to faith, and to America.
  2. The biographies of the missionaries will gain exposure, garnering more support for them and their mission. Misson Nation gives 10% of book sales as grants to missionaries to America.
  3. Profits from the sale of the books will go to a mission of their choosing outside the congregation, spreading the church’s mission vision and involvement.

Our ultimate goal and prayer is to have 1000 churches using the Mission Book Display.

Congregations that desire to help Mission Nation raise support for missions should be willing to:

  1. Advertise and make the books available for a donation they choose – typically $15-$20.
  2. Identify a ministry to which proceeds from the sale of the books would be sent.

Myra’s mom Bethany is a member of her church’s mission board. She purchased all four biographies for her five children whom she is home schooling. Bethany wrote to say, Just wanted you to know, all of my kids are excited about the books. As soon as I arrived home yesterday, my daughter Myra picked up one and began reading. She is riveted!”  If you have a child or grandchild who loves to read, what better books could you give them?

Mary Middleton of Zion Lutheran in Ft Myers, Fl, explains the reason to donate to the book display.

For more information of how to receive your own Mission Book Display contact us at  239-776-5397 or email at