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Top books that give a voice to the new Christian missionaries to America. 

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The Opened Eyed Missionary:
The biography of Farrukh Khan

Farrukh Khan was brought up in a wealthy family in Palistan but a military revolt and religious extremist refugees fleeing the Russian invasion in Afghanistan made sharing Christianity dangerous. After earning an engineering degree Farrukh found work in Saudi Arabia as an engineer working for ARAMCO. The Christians in Saudi Arabia worshipped secretly in small, private groups and home Bible studies – where they grew in their understanding of the complete, undeserved love of God. Understanding more and more the grace of God, Farrukh was impelled by the Holy Spirit to attend a seminary and become a missionary to Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.. The story of how and where he found the support he needed is one of sacrifice and faith and miraculous guidance. His journey brought him to work today as a missionary in America.


The Resilient Missionary

The making of a missionary: how Dr. Mengsteab survived a revolution in Eritrea, escaped to a refugee camp in the Sudan where Swedish missionaries evangelized him. After becoming an evangelist in the camp, the missionaries helped him go as a refugee to the United States, where he graduated from seminary and began six new churches. Today he serves as a mission executive in Texas. 

Rev. Mengsteab grew up in what is today Eritrea. A soldier in a civil war, he was wounded and fled to a refugee camp in Sudan. Swedish Lutheran missionaries discipled him there.


The Despicable Missionary

This is a book that shows how God can change the heart of a future missionary. "Victoria" grew up in Pakistan as a Christian. As a minority in a Muslim country, she was called "paleed," "despicable," by the other children. Twice she almost died for her faith. But this is a story not of anger and hate, but love and forgiveness. How could a person who experienced persecution come to forgive and love her persecutors? God is able to use the most unpretentious, unassuming  human being to make His love known. "Victoria" is proof of that. 

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No Accidental Missionary

This is the story of the making of a missionary to America. Read how Dr. Tesfai Tesema, born in Ethiopia, grew up as an agnostic, became a Christian in Saudi Arabia, started a church planting movement in Sudan, and became a missionary in San Jose, California.

The biography of Rev. Tesfai Tesema. An atheist, escaping from Ethiopia when it was a communist country, he became a Christian in Saudi Arabia, was forced to leave and began new churches in the Sudan, before he was called to bring souls to Christ in San Jose, Ca.

No Accidental Missionary: How an Ethiopian man became a Christian in Saudi Arabia, and a missionary to America. The Biography of Tesfai Tesema

The book is also available in audio format on Amazon. A review from a pastor:  "The audio book I read on the life of Tesfai Tesema was a fascinating journey.  It combined adventure, danger and intrigue with personal expression, drama and, above all, faith.  The hand of God is seen clearly throughout this man’s life, as God worked in and through him to affect and impact the lives of untold numbers of people in different countries.

            I was reminded of Abraham – called from a distant land, traveling and stopping along the way, but finally reaching the Promised Land of Canaan.  Then, I thought of Moses – one who initially fought against his call from God, but was eventually used in ways that furthered the people and plans of God.  Finally, I was reminded of Saul-Paul, initially a self-righteous Pharisee, whom God used to become the “standard” for missionary work in the world.

            No Accidental Missionary is foremost about the hand of God’s Spirit through the Word changing the life of a man, his relatives and friends, and through him, the lives of countless others.  It is readable: I struggled to turn it off when other matters called.  It is relatable: even though his life experiences have not been mine, I followed along with him in a personal way.  And it is inspirational: for those in Christian faith and those wishing to know how the “Christian God” works in His people.

            I recommend this book for meaningful reading and reflection to both clergy and laity.  As Dr. Scudieri mentioned to Tesfai, “God has done amazing things with you.”  Indeed, continues to do so today!  God works in each of us differently, and a story such as this one of Tesfai Tesema brings excitement, joy and hope to all readers, as the Gospel works in our lives."

To read a professional review of the book on THE ONLINE BOOK CLUB go to this site:


The Bulletproof Missionary

The making of a missionary to America from North Korea. Prof. Moon was a child in North Korea during WW II. After the war he made a dangerous trek across the border to South Korea, to safety, until the Korean War began. He lost his whole family, or so he thought. Reduced to eating garbage off a military army garbage dump, he was hired by an Air Force chaplain who shared with him a dream of Moon coming to America to study to become a missionary. This is the story of the miracle that fulfilled that dream. 

The biography of Prof. Shang Ik Moon, who was in North Korea as a child during WW II. He went through a harrowing escape from that police state when he was 12 years old, joining his family in Seoul, South Korea. A few years later the Korean War began. He lost his family, and as a fifteen year old, was reduced to finding food on garbage dumps – until he was hired by a US Army Air Force chaplain.

Reviewed by Rev. Bill Meyer, Chairman of the Missions Board, The New England District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:  "Having grown up in a Christian household, I have often wondered what kind of journey would be required for a non-Christian to enter the community of faith. “The Bulletproof Missionary” tells the amazing story of how God called a Korean peasant boy to Christ, and then to become a distinguished professor at Concordia University, Irvine, CA. It’s a thrilling tale and a compelling witness!"

The author of The Bulletproof Missionary, Keriz Rosado, introduces the book: click here to see the short video.


The Unexpected Missionary

Gagan Gurung is today a Christian missionary in St. Louis, Missouri. God has used him to bring more than forty immigrants from Nepal to baptism. No one in Nepal would have expected this. When Gagan was a child his family members were Nepalese working in Bhutan, until force out of the country because of prejudice. They lived in a refugee camp for twenty two years. This is the story of how God worked a miracle to bring Him to baptism, and to his calling as a missionary in America. 


The Mission Bible Commentary:
Volume I Luke Acts

The Bible began life as a missions tool! The Mission Bible Commentary seeks to resurrect  that mission function by commenting on the mission passages that fill God's Word. As far as we know, this is the only mission commentary on the Bible.

As far as we know, this is the first mission commentary on the Bible. The series is meant especially for mission leaders who speak English as a second language.


The Mission Bible Commentary:
Volume II Hebrews-James

The Bible began life as a missions tool! The Mission Bible Commentary seeks to resurrect  that mission function by commenting on the mission passages that fill God's Word. As far as we know, this is the only mission commentary on the Bible.


The Mission Bible Commentary:
Volume III - Paul's Letter to the Romans

The Bible began life as a missions tool! The Mission Bible Commentary seeks to resurrect  that mission function by commenting on the mission passages that fill God's Word. As far as we know, this is the only mission commentary on the Bible.

Paul had two purposes for writing: to the Christians in Rome. He wanted to give them spiritual strength, a) so that they could be in mission to each other and to their unbelieving neighbors in Rome, b) and so that they could become a mission-base that would help him and the entire Christian Church to be in mission to all parts of the Roman Empire. 

This is the third volume by Dr. Paul Bruns, Bible Translator in Africa explaining the mission imperatives in the Bible. It is an important tool for leaders being raised up from a mission field who speak English as a second language.


Who Are the Apostles

Who are the apostles? Where did they go after Jesus' ascension? What did they do? Where and how did they die? Using Scripture and the best research available, the personalities and methods of the Twelve come to life.

A look at the Greek and Jewish history of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles, and what happened to the Twelve after our Lord’s return to heaven. Jesus did not invent the office of Apostle, He used it and made one major change.


The Apostolic Church

Do Christians mean when they confess their faith in "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church"?  "Apostolic Church" does not appear in the Bible. The Latin word for "sent" is "mittere" from which we get the English word "missionary." In Greek, the word for sent is "apostello." The apostles were missionaries. How was it that the word came to signify only correct teaching? And how can we retrieve its "missionary" meaning? Dr. Scudieri wrote this book when he was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School. It has been used at various seminaries as a missions text, but was written in terms any layperson can understand.

One, holy, catholic and missionary.  Second Edition. A history of the term “apostolic church” in the Nicene Creed, it is a book loved by laity and clergy. It has been used as a mission text at several seminaries. After it was translated into Russian, Georgian Orthodox Metropolitan Nicholas invited the author to present the book at an ecumenical conference in Tbilisi.