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Mission Nation Publishing exists to give a voice to the 'Missionaries to America'. These are men and women who have taken the missionary nature of the church seriously, and have risked everything for the sake of the gospel. 10% of book sale profits go directly to supporting the missionaries. Your purchase helps fund our purpose! 



The Opened Eyed Missionary:
The biography of Farrukh Khan

Farrukh Khan was brought up in a wealthy family in Palistan but a military revolt and religious extremist refugees fleeing the Russian invasion in Afghanistan made sharing Christianity dangerous. After earning an engineering degree Farrukh found work in Saudi Arabia as an engineer working for ARAMCO.

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Teka Fogi, Missionary to America Making Of a Missionary in Ethiopia Dr. Robert Scudieri, President Mission Nation Publishing For fifty years I’ve had a stone on my desk. It was given to me by the pastor who supervised my vicarage intern year, Walt Grumm. The stone has quotes from Ugo Betti, “That’s what we want…

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Discussion about Moving From Homogeneity to Diversity

How Can A Church Move From Homogeneity to Diversity? Rev. Terry Chan is writing a doctoral thesis on “Moving from Homogeneity to Diversity” in Christian churches. Terry, the former president of “Chinese Lutherans In Mission” and member of the advisory board for national missions in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, is working under well known…

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The Making of A Nepalese Missionary, in India

Missionary to America: Gagan Garung,Nepalese Evangelist The Making of a Nepalese Missionary, in India Dr. Robert Scudieri, President Mission Nation Publishing As a young adult, Gagan Garung decided he would never become a Christian.   Growing up in a Nepalese family in Bhutan, he was on the receiving end of discrimination known by many Nepalese. He…

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Peter Kelm – Forming Missionaries

Peter Kelm – Diffrences On A Mission Field – Forming missionaries. Differences on a Mission Field: A Conversation on Recruiting New Leaders Three and a half years ago I received an email with a special invitation. Peter Kelm was one of our outstanding district mission executives. It was a great loss when Peter went home…

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